“There is nothing, absolutely nothing, quite so worthwhile as simply messing about on bicycles.” 

–  Tom Kunich

Cairnbrogie was fortunate to have DirtLab, an industry leader in the construction and design of pumptracks and trails, to help design and build our pumptrack. DirtLab shared their passion and expertise with us to truly build a one of a kind pumptrack in Plettenberg Bay.

Pumptracks are extremely popular among a multitude of riders and at Cairnbrogie we offer children and older riders a safe environment to be active on. The tracks feature a series of bumps/rollers that allow riders to use their momentum in order to gain speed and carry momentum. It is great fun so bring your bike, scooters, push bikes etc. and join us at the Cairnbrogie PumpTrack.

Thinking of having a birthday party at the PumpTrack? E-mail us now…